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Woodland BDU (Battle Dress Uniform)

The Woodland Battle Dress Uniform, likewise known as the Woodland BDU, was the standard combat uniform used by the U.S. Army from September of 1991 to April of 2005. Over the course of six years, nearly all branches of the U.S. Military have replaced the BDU, with the exception of two. To learn more about the BDU uniform, click here.

The U.S. Air Force still allows its members to wear the BDU uniform, however only until October of 2011. The U.S. Navy also authorizes its servicemen to wear the Battle Dress Uniform, but only in regions where the U.S. Special Operations command is active. The BDU of the U.S Navy will soon be replaced with a digital woodland camouflage uniform.

Public Health Service officials make use of the BDU uniform in certain environments where it is appropriate. Law enforcement agencies also still use of the Battle Dress Uniform in tactical situations, such as those involving the DEA and SWAT. In addition, the BDU uniform is put to use for various deployment operations.

Woodland BDU Uniform Item Quickfinder

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Woodland BDU Items

The name Battle Dress Uniform was coined from the uniform's general purpose of being used during combat. The BDU is tailored similarly to that of the uniforms worn in the Vietnam War. The BDU uniform pattern is also commonly based on the camouflage design of the specialty uniforms worn by paratroopers in World War II. With core colors based on the woodland environment of Northern Europe, the BDU uniform pattern features tan, green, brown and black. The material used for the Battle Dress Uniform is a twill cloth composed of a cotton and nylon blend. In 1989, the BDU uniform pattern was printed on 100% rip stop poplin which was considered lighter than the twill cloth.

The classic olive drab uniforms, used since 1952 in the Vietnam War, were completely replaced by the BDU uniform in 1989. As soon as the olive drab uniform withdrew, BDU uniforms were soon in general use for the U.S. Army in almost all wooded, jungle and tropical environments.

Woodland BDU Patrol Hat

The Woodland BDU Patrol Cap is a flat-topped, straight-sided fatigue hat that offers a thick bill and is very durable. The patrol cap of the BDU uniform is worn by military personnel when a combat helmet is not required. Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester the Woodland BDU fatigue hat is available in sizes small - XL.

Woodland BDU Pin-On Rank

Select from a wide assortment of subdued Rank Metal Pin-On's for the BDU uniform. All pin-on ranks are black with the exception of "2LT" and "Major" ranks. These BDU pin-on ranks are also suitable for the Desert Combat Uniform. We also have non-subdued metal pin-on ranks for the BDU and many other types of military uniforms.

Olive Drab BDU Name Tapes

Olive drab name tapes are the specific color for the Woodland BDU. We custom embroider BDU name tapes on 1 1/4 inch olive drab fabric strips with black lettering. These olive drab name tapes meet U.S. military specs for the Woodland Camouflage Battle Dress Uniform.

Woodland BDU Sew-On Rank

From Private to Lieutenant, we have rank sew-on's for BDU Woodland uniforms. These sew-on BDU ranks come in the Woodland BDU style olive drab. Select from a huge assortment of rank sew-on's for the Battle Dress Uniform.

Woodland BDU T-Shirt

The olive drab T-shirt for the Woodland BDU uniform is worn by most service personnel of the U.S. Military. The olive drab BDU T-shirt is a blend of cotton and polyester, and is available in many sizes ranging from small - 5XL. In addition to the T-shirt for the BDU, we also offer the olive drab long-sleeve shirt.

BDU Reverse Flag Patch

The BDU Reverse Flag Patch is worn on Battle Dress Uniforms as well as several other combat uniforms, including the ACU uniform. Depending on the type of environment, some choose to apply the full color in garrison, whereas some units of the U.S. Army utilize the foliage green reverse flag patch.

BDU Qualification Badges

Choose from several BDU Qualification Badges. Each sew-on BDU qualification insignia is embroidered on olive drab material. We have many insignias and badges for the BDU uniform ranging from Aircraft Crewman, Aviator, CIB, Combat Medical, and Flight Surgeon, to name a few.

Woodland BDU Unit Patches

Select from a wide inventory of Woodland BDU Unit Patches. Each BDU unit patch is fully embroidered and unique to each division. Most unit patches for the BDU uniform are subdued and resemble the olive drab color of the uniform's camouflage pattern.

Olive Drab BDU Branch Tape

The official branch tape of the BDU uniform is the olive drab color. BDU Branch Tape comes embroidered with black letters for Battle Dress Uniforms and are available with or without a hook & loop fastener.

Woodland BDU Belt

The Woodland BDU Belt is highly durable and features a strong cargo buckle for heavy demands. The camo belt for the Battle Dress Uniform is 1.75" nylon, and includes an elastic keeper. The BDU belt delivers versatility and is fully adjustable to 44".

Woodland BDU Jacket

We have the genuine issue Woodland BDU jacket in both 100% cotton as well as 50/50 nylon/cotton. Each jacket for the Battle Dress Uniform has been sewn to military specifications and includes many useful features. The BDU jacket offers 4 total pockets: 2 breast pockets and 2 lower pockets. In addition, the official jacket of the BDU uniform is tailored with 2-piece double re-inforced elbows and felled side seams and sleeves.

Woodland BDU Pants

The official pants of the Woodland Battle Dress Uniform are available in both 100% cotton and 50/50 nylon/cotton. These BDU pants have been sewn to military specifications and provide 6 pockets. The Woodland BDU pants are made with a double-reinforced seat and knee, along with 4" adjustable waist tabs with quadruple bar tacks.

Woodland BDU Socks

The standard issue socks for the BDU uniform are olive drab, GI style socks. These comfortable Woodland BDU socks feature a cushion sole and are made from a combination of 50% Wool/30% Cotton/20% Nylon. You can find these socks available in sizes small (1-5 shoe size) to X-Large (13-15 shoe size).

BDU Boot Blousers

BDU Boot Blousers are an essential component for combat. Also considered blousing garters, boot blousers for the Battle Dress Uniform help keep the pants and boots tight together for optimum mobility. In addition to the standard olive drab blousing garters of the BDU uniform, we also offer other camo patterns.

Woodland BDU Boots

Made to military specifications, the official Woodland BDU Boots are tailored from top grain cowhide leather and Goodyear welt. These durable black boots for the BDU uniform are classified as a GI style combat boot and are highly durable for various conditions. Get these Woodland BDU boots in sizes 3-13.

Woodland BDU Boonie Hat

The Woodland BDU Boonie Hat, often times referred to as a "brush hat," is designed with a wide, stiff brim. The boonie hat for the BDU is ideal for a wide range of outdoor environments. It offers a "foliage ring," which can hold twigs and brush for additional camouflage. Woodland BDU boonie hat sizes are available in small, medium, large, and XL.

Woodland BDU Beret

The official beret of the Woodland BDU uniform, although not used as often as once before, is appropriate for specific occasions. The BDU beret is available in many size ranging from extra small to XL.

Woodland BDU Uniform Helmet Covers

The fitted BDU helmet cover we offer is made to U.S. Military specifications to fit PASGT Kevlar helmets. The Kevlar fitted helmet cover for the BDU uniform has sewn in button holes for added camouflage and is designed using 50/50 nylon/cotton ripstop. With hook & loop fasteners, the helmet cover is easy to apply and is available in sizes XS/Small and Medium/Large.




The one size fits all Woodland BDU helmet cover is designed for Kevlar helmets (it will not fit the new Advanced Combat Helmet.) This helmet cover for the BDU uniform is fashioned from a polyester/cotton blend.

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