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Propper International Propper uniforms hold the highest standards in military combat clothing. Propper, which has been supplying army and military uniforms to the U.S. Armed Forces for over 40 years, also manufacturers its clothing to law enforcement and other tactical-based organizations.

The commitment of Propper International to the men and women who serve on the front line is unparalleled. Since 1967, Propper has delivered over 75 million garments to the armed forces of our great nation. To learn more about the line up of Propper uniforms, click here.

As the primary contractor of almost every branch of the U.S. Military, Propper is a reliable source for military uniforms. We carry several Propper uniform models, including the Propper BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), Propper ACU (Army Combat Uniform), Propper ABU (Airman Battle Uniform), and the Propper MultiCam. We also carry other types of Propper clothing, including Advanced Protective Combat Uniform Systems APCU, Propper ATACS, as well as Propper APECS Rain Gear.

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