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Multicam Uniform (OCP)

Multicam Uniform

The Multicam uniform pattern consists of a 7-color camouflage design that offers optimal versatility in variable environments. Multicam provides the ideal coverage and disguise in multiple conditions, elevations, and seasons.

Multicam Item Quickfinder

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Multicam Items

Unlike conventional camouflage uniforms that mock the surrounding environment by color matching, the camouflage pattern of the Multicam uniform (patented by Crye® Precision in Brooklyn, New York) is uniquely designed to blend and reflect the colors of the surrounding scenery.

Multicam uniforms have background colors of a tan to brown gradient with shades of lime green in between. The core of the Multicam pattern consist of a yellowish green gradient and blotches of dark brown and a light pink-like color spread throughout the design. Overall, this allows for the uniform's appearance to change from slight green to brown in different areas of the fabric. The impressive aspect about the Multicam uniform is that it hides a figure by tricking the human eye's perception of color. The Multicam uniform enables the wearer to blend in to the background environment solely utilizing an innovative camouflage pattern.

Explore several different items for the Multicam uniform below. We also carry an assortment of ACU, BDU, and Flame Resistant Multicam items.

Multicam Boonie Hat

The Multicam Boonie Hat, sometimes referred to as a "brush hat," features a wide, stiff brim and is great for a range of outdoor environments. The Multicam Boonie Hat offers a "foliage ring" which can hold twigs and brush for additional camouflage. Boonie hat sizes for the Multicam uniform are available in small, medium, large, and XL.

Multicam Name Tapes

We offer many different name tapes for Multicam uniforms. Choose from 3", 4", and 5" wide names tapes, and thread colors ranging from coyote tan to black. We also have Multicam Name Tapes with hook fasteners as well as sew-on name tapes for the Multicam uniform.

Multicam Sand Color T-Shirts

In addition to providing exceptional comfort, the sand color t-shirt for Army Multicam Uniforms comes in many styles, including long sleeve. Sand color T-shirts for Multicam are made from 100% cotton, or choose a moisture wicking Multicam shirt fashioned from polyester for a more breathable feel.

Multicam Flag Patches

Flag patches are a sign of pride and commitment to serving one's country. Flag patches are worn on Multicam uniforms as well as several other combat uniforms, including the ACU. Our assortment of Multicam Flag Patches come with option of a hook fastener for convenient application.

Multicam Branch Tapes

We offer a selection of Multicam Branch Tapes. We also can custom embroider your Multicam branch tape to meet your specific branch. Branch tapes come with or without a hook fastener.

Replacement Multicam
Hook & Loop Fastener Items

Find a wide assortment of replacement hook & loop fastener items for Multicam uniforms. We offer replacement items for hook & loop fastener Multicam patches, Multicam insignias, and much more.

Multicam Rank Insignias

Choose from a vast collection of Multicam rank insignias. Multicam Rank Insignias are available with black thread, except for 2LT and MAJ which are available in subdued gold. They can be conveniently applied with a hook fastener. Whether you need a Multicam rank insignia for an Army or Air Force uniform, we have a wide variety of Multicam rank insignias to suit your needs.

Multicam Unit Patches

Find the Multicam unit patch that suits your Army division. Our inventory of patches for Multicam uniforms includes almost every force of the U.S. Army as well as special flags such as the British, Israeli, Romania, and Calico Jack flag patches. Each Multicam Unit Patch comes with a hook fastener for convenient application.

Multicam Belts

The highly functional Multicam Battle Belt offers two rows of webbing across the belt and four D-rings for a harness. Tailored with padded mesh and a non-slip lining, the Multicam Battle Belt delivers top quality performance that meets NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) approval. The Multicam Battle Belt is tailored with 1000 Denier Cordura, the genuine Multicam material.



The Tactical Belt for the Multicam uniform is a versatile combat belt tailored with the genuine Multicam pattern. The belt features a quick-release buckle and two (2) magazine pouches. The Multicam Tactical Belt is two inches wide and can be adjusted to 44 inches. The Multicam tactical belt is also great for activities such as paintball and airsoft. Additionally, the Multicam tactical belt is versatile and offers optimal mobility.

Multicam Jacket

Based on the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) construction specifications, Multicam Jackets uses the licensed Multicam camouflage pattern from Crye® Precision. We offer a selection of Multicam jackets which include varying ratios of nylon/cotton rip-stop fabric to meet the demands of different combat environments. Additionally, some Multicam jackets are slightly longer than the milspec ACU so the jacket can be tucked in if desired. Multicam jackets have tilted chest pockets and sleeve pockets for ample storage, and a hook and loop facing is also provided on the upper-sleeve pockets for affixing insignias.

Multicam Pants

We have a selection of Multicam pants, all of which have been tailored to Military specification. Multicam Pants provide a leg cuff with front closure tie, forward-tilted cargo pockets, and a button fly with drawstring. Our inventory of Multicam pants include varying ratios of nylon/cotton rip-stop fabric to meet the demands of different combat environments. In addition, we also carry Multicam uniform trousers that offer flame resistance features.

Multicam Socks

We have a large selection of socks for Multicam uniforms. From styles ranging from tube socks to cushion sole socks, you'll be sure to find the exact pair of Multicam Socks you are looking for.

Multicam Boot Blousers

Find a variety of boot blousers for the Multicam uniform. Our boot blousers a very comfortable and come equipped with a fully adjustable hook fastener. These boot blousers also serve as the ideal tie-down strap.

Multicam Boots

The Belleville KIOWA TR505 Boots are well suited to match the Multicam uniform. These Multicam Boots are very sleek and lightweight. The low profile outsole on the Tactical Research Boots enhances overall feel and mobility.





The Belleville KHYBER TR560 Boots provide tremendous support, comfort, and feel. These boots are well designed for soldiers who endure long periods of being on their feet. The Multicam Mountain Boots also tailored to suit the genuine Multicam pattern.

Multicam Patrol Cap

This Multicam patrol cap is a straight-sided, flat-topped soft cap with a double thick bill. It is worn by military personnel when a combat helmet is not required. This cap is worn with the Multicam OCP Uniform and is fashioned from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. The Multicam cap is available in sizes small - XL.

Multicam Helmet Covers

Make your helmet match the Multicam camouflage uniform with the Multicam Helmet Cover. We offer a nylon/cotton Multicam helmet cover that is designed for the MICH Helmet. The cover includes hook and loop fasteners for easy application. This Multicam helmet cover also offers sewn in button holes for added camouflage.





This helmet cover for the Multicam meets military specifications to fit the PASGT Kevlar Helmet. The cover has sewn in button holes for added camouflage and is available in two different sizes, XS/Small and Medium/Large.

Multicam Qualification Badges

Our vast selection of Multicam qualification badges and insignias come in a wide range of designs. Pick from a wide assortment of Multicam Badges, divisions including Air Assault, Medical, Parachutist, and Infantryman, to name a few.

The Evolution of the Multicam Uniform

The Multicam uniform pattern was originally developed as an experiment. The test behind the Multicam uniform's camouflage design was to determine if the single camo pattern of the Multicam could effectively limit both the visual as well as near-infrared silhouette of a soldier amidst a wide spectrum of environments and conditions.

The need for a better camouflage pattern became apparent shortly after American military units deployed to Afghanistan. Upon deployment, soldiers wore Desert BDU's (Battle Dress Uniforms) and Woodland-style camo gear. Because these types of camo patterns were not the most ideal for the Middle Eastern environment, the demand for a more suitable camouflage uniform came about. Soon after this need was realized, the Multicam OCP uniform was born.

The Multicam OCP Uniform in the Making

The creators of Multicam OCP (Crye Precision™) invested a great deal of time researching the specific details of how camouflage works. These experts studied the Middle Eastern terrain and its environmental elements with a particular emphasis in determining those areas that are difficult to hide and take cover. In addition, the masterminds behind the Multicam uniform carefully investigated how light influences various aspects of the environment. They also followed seasonal changes that would play a role in how a new camouflage uniform would perform.

After extensive research, the team behind the Multicam uniform pattern started applying their findings to developing the Multicam OCP. During the development of the Multicam, these experts consulted with military professionals to take into account their observations and concerns regarding the unique combat environment of the Middle East. By using digital imaging with over 100 layers of various color schemes, the Multicam OCP evolved into its first prototype and the preliminary testing of the Multicam uniform was underway.

The Multicam OCP uniform was extensively tested and evaluated for over a year and a half with the U.S. Army. To the surprise of both its creators and future wearers, the Multicam camouflage pattern was found to be far more effective than originally thought possible. As a result, Multicam uniforms hit the market and have grown to be one of the top camouflage patterns used by the U.S. Armed Forces.

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