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Unique types of military boots have existed as far back as the time of the Assyrians and Roman legions wherein their soldiers wore caligae - a type of military combat boots made durable with nails. Currently, there are many types of military issue boots that are used all over. Some of today's most common military boots for sale are highly specialized combat boots that provide optimal support and are tailored using durable materials, such as leather. The varieties of military boots for sale may come in leather, rubber, vinyl, denim material, tough cloth and pseudo leather.

General issue military boots are not just any boots. Military issue boots may be designed for males, females, children, as well as the fashion conscious and the working or military man. Our inventory of military boots for sale can either be laced-up, slipped on, or zipped. Various military issue boots have various purposes, and the type of boots you decide to wear, they may just save your foot – or your life. The following are examples of the most common types of military boots, along with little trivia and description of what each type is used for.

General Issue Military Combat Boots

General Issue Military BootsTraditionally made out of waterproof, hardened leather, this type of military boot has been specifically designed for a soldiers use during combat or combat training. These General Issue Military Combat Boots are usually seen together with military combat uniforms, although they may also be worn with service dress uniforms.

G.I. combat boots are generally designed for foot and ankle stability in rugged terrain. Made of high quality leather, these military boots rarely require polishing or glossing. Sporting a plain rounded toe or plain rounded capped toe, general issue combat boots are usually simple and black in color.

As most military boots provide foot protection, it is not uncommon to encounter military combat boots with safety or steel toes. Zippers or elastic inserts on these boots may be optional. The first true modern military combat boots that were used by the U.S. Army was during World War II and were called “Boots, Combat Service.”

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Black Patent Leather Combat Boots

Black Leather Combat BootsBlack patent leather combat boots are most common type of dress boots. Like the General Issue combat boots, these black leather military boots offer a dignified look and are worn with the formal army dress.

These black combat boots, which are made of high quality leather, do not require polishing. They can also be worn for the whole day without having any pain on the feet. This style of military combat boots are usually reserved for special events such as a military graduation, wedding, funeral or parade.

Because the black patent leather combat boots can be visible, the proper outfit should be picked to go with these. In addition, these black leather combat boots have also become a fashion statement that even designers such as Vera Wang have made a fashion line out of it.

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Paratrooper Boots (a.k.a. Military Jump Boots)

Paratrooper BootsOriginally designed by William Yarborough in 1941,  paratrooper boots derived their name from soldiers assigned to parachute jumps known as –you guessed it – paratroopers. These soldiers operated from an airborne unit and were specifically trained in parachuting.

Eventually, the name jump boots stuck as these soldiers kept jumping from an overhead aircrafts with heavily loaded equipment and supplies. Accepting a high-polish look, these black military boots for sale also have toe-caps for added protection to the foot.  As these combat boots are designed to keep mud and dirt from entering the shoe, they have been fully laced from instep to top.

Eventually the laces on these military boots were created to give more support to the ankle of the wearer. Nowadays, military jump boots are commonly used as dress and parade boots. Also known as Corcorans, the paratrooper military boots used to give select status to those above regular infirmary soldiers.

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Military Jungle Boots

Jungle BootsCreated specifically for jungle combat, these type of military boots for sale are perfect for hot, humid and extremely wet environments. Military personnel assigned to the jungle have often complained that walking in these surroundings was really uncomfortable as moisture from wet terrain often accumulated inside their boot. 

To solve this problem, canvas uppers located in the ankle to leg region as well as vent holes were placed near the instep to aid in airing the foot and drain the boot of moisture. Military jungle boots were first issued to a small unit of American soldiers assigned in Panama during the World War II.

The first type of military jungle boots were light, weighing approximately 3 kilograms and had rubber for soles. These types of military boots can also be used for hunting and hiking.

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Desert (Tan) Boots

Desert Tan BootsExtremely popular throughout the 1940’s and 50’s, desert boots were first worn by British forces during a World War II desert combat campaign.

Primarily made from suede, these types of military boots have two to three pairs of eyelets for shoelaces to enter and have a crepe sole. This fashionable type of boot is usually reserved for casual wear as they are made out of rough leather thus can not be polished.

Desert combat boots only reach up to ankle length and are looser than any other boots. Common types of tan military boots for sale can also be made from calfskin or even crocodile.

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Sage Green Combat Boots

Sage Green Combat BootsSage green combat boots are military boots that primarily match the new camouflage battle dress uniform called “Airman Battle Uniform” of the United States Air Force. This uniform will replace the Battle Dress uniform by the year 2011.

These types of military boots in particular are made out of suede and come in a low-maintenance, foliage green color. Made for airmen and airwomen, the design of sage green combat boots comes with various features, some of which include: safety toe, steel safety toe, soft toe, waterproof, gore tex, insulated, cold weather and side zipper boot options.

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Military Tanker Boots

Tanker BootsTanker boots, used by soldiers who work closely with tanks, are primarily chosen because of its leather strap feature that enables the wearer to work safely especially in muddy environments.

Laces of standard millitary boots get easily caught in the moving parts of tanks, so as to avoid injury, tanker boots were designed so that they could come undone easily, should the wearer ever be caught and entangled in a moving machine. Fastened with leather straps which wrap around the upper and buckle near the top, these military boots for sale are much easier to remove should the wearer get stuck in the mud especially in times of a full blown assault.

As the environment of a combatant tanker is exposed to heavy metal parts and harmful chemicals, tanker boots have been designed to bring maximum safety to the wearer so as to prevent harmful absorption of toxic chemicals while protecting the feet with steel metal inserts.

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Extreme Cold Weather Boots a.k.a Bunny Boots

Mickey Mouse Extreme Cold Weather Combat BootsDerived from the rabbit that changes its fur color during winter from brown to white for camouflage in its environment, Bunny Boots – sometimes called Mickey Mouse Boots – are made for combat in temperatures fom less than negative 65  to negative 20 degrees Fahrenhiet, hence the "Extreme Cold Weather" (ECW) label.

ECW boots are made out of an inch of wool or felt at most, found in between two layers of rubber. Used by the United States Armed Forces, these military combat boots are found in either black or white. A unique feature of these types of military boots is that they contain air valves to prevent the boots from rupturing due to the difference in pressure caused by the extremes in temperature.

The black ECW boots may have oil/diesel resistant features that keep it from corroding the boot. This style of military boots for sale are also perfect for winter sports enthusiasts.

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Hot Weather Combat Boots

Mickey Mouse Extreme Cold Weather Combat Boots

Hot weather combat boots are constructed specifically for hot weather conditions such as desert and jungle operations. Hot weather combat boots are usually equipped with stategically design vents and breathing systems in order to keep the foot temperature in check.  

Various other technologies are implemented in hot weather military boots in order to provide the individual wearing the boot with both comfort and protection from the elements. Such techonologies include Direct Vent™, where the unique boot composition allows millions of tiny pores to breathe at their full potential. Sweat vents directly to the outside of the boot's fabric in one easy step.  

Another such technology is called IntelliTemp™, which  offers advanced temperature regulation insulation within these hot weather military boots. IntelliTemp™ will control moisture, kill odor and fight odor-causing fungi and bacteria. IntelliTemp™ keeps your feet warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

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Tactical Boots

Tactical BootThe word tactical is characterized by resourcefulness, inventiveness, and skill. As the name says, tactical boots are an assortment of military boots used in for diverse reasons.

As most military boots aid everyone in movement, the designs of tactical boots are done differently so that it may suit the wearer for whatever purpose he or she may have be it for combat, fire fighting or police work. Tactical boots may be equipped with additional grip for slip- resistant purposes or it may contain additional toe protection with anti-bacterial linings for wet or dry areas.

Similar to the above hot weather military combat boots, most tactical boots for sale may be custom made for hot areas such as deserts, cold weather such as that found in tundras, or wet and humid such as that in jungles. Tactical boots may even be strengthened so as to hide a knife inside in instances where combat is found. Tactical boots have also been called SWAT boots as they been associated with SWAT teams. This teams often have to kick doors open and walk in dangerous places when catching criminals.

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Steel Toe Military Boots

Steel Toe BootsThese types of military boots - made with a protective reinforcement for toes above and a sole plate below - is extremely durable as they protect the foot from heaving falling objects and punctures. 

Steel toe boots are also known by the names “safety shoe”, “steel-capped boots” and “safety toe boots.” These type of combat boots are primarily used in assaults because of the safety features found in each boot. Some features, depending on the level of protection found in these types of military boots, are electrical and anti-static protection.

You may want to be careful as some steel toe military boots do conduct electricity.  Another customized feature is protection against chain saws. Look for symbols on the outside of the boot which indicate the level of protection that the steel toe combat boots offer. These types of military boots for sale can also be used by electrical engineers and for those working in hazardous jobs such as construction.

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Waterproof Combat Boots/ Gore-tex Military Boots

Waterproof Combat BootLeather or Gore-tex makes up most waterproof combat boots. Gore-tex is a technologically advanced material and contains very fine pores that prevent water from entering the boot. Waterproof combat boots are best used for a people who are exposed regularly in water such as navy sailors, seamen or fishermen.

These types of military boots can also be used for a seaside escapade or in other places wherein your feet would undoubtedly get wet. Wet feet bring in undesirable bacterial and fungal infections so wearing these waterproof combat boots make sure that the feet are dry and warm be it in the middle of the pouring rain, snow or soggy jungle. 

For those who have to cross rivers, marshy or swampy lands, knee-high waterproof military boots are also for sale.

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World War II Military Boots, Vintage and Historical Boots

WWII BootsDemand for high quality military boots increased with the beginning of World War II. These military combat boots were the forerunner of modern day boots and have inspired developers to create the most durable, comfortable boots that are used by people nowadays.

Harsh conditions like rugged terrain, cold weather, hot arid deserts, pointed shrapnel and working around heavy objects have contributed to many a soldier injuring or losing a foot. The original World War II military boots had to be made rugged, flexible and very long-lasting so as to put up with the heavy demands placed upon them.

It was in this war that desert boots, jungle boots and paratrooper combat boots were first produced and tested.

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Different types of military boots for sale are used for different situations. It is up to you to determine the perfect types of military boots for yourself. You will never be disappointed with a sturdy pair of camo military boots. Even if these may not be used as an assault or duty boot, there are circumstances in life wherein even your trusty pair of tennis shoes will be rendered useless as military boots have been designed to be the most sturdy thing worn by the feet.  

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