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Historic Military Corcoran Brown Jump Boots

Manufactured by: Corcoran - Made In USA

SKU: 1510


10" Historic Military Corcoran Brown Jump Boots

  • All Over Comfort & Performance
  • "Spit Shineable" Leather
  • Original Cap Toe
  • Garrison Army Munson Last for Superior Fit
  • Webbing Reinforcement for Ankle Support
  • Special Ribbed Steel Paratrooper Shank for Support
  • Extra Firm Heavy Duty Military Counters and Box Toes
  • Leather Laces
  • Poron® Insoles
  • Reinforced Military Tap, Oil Resistant Rubber and Leather Sole
  • Non-Trip, Oil Resistant Beveled Heel
  • Made in the USA
  • Served our Forces in WWII and Korea

Revered by paratroopers and other military personnel for the past 60 years, these Corcoran Boots played a key role in the Allies' success in World War II and most recent conflicts.
They meet the highest demands of the American military, delivering battlefield toughness, all-terrain capabilities, and unsurpassed comfort.
Authentic to the last detail.

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