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At Military Uniform Supply, we offer military ghillie suits for sale in many different styles. Spanning from ultra-light ghillie suits for optimum mobility to snow ghillie suits for arctic conditions, we carry fully authentic, military-grade ghillie suits for all situations. In addition to stocking ghillie suits for sale in various camouflage options (such as ACU, Desert, and Woodland,) we also offer various other types of brushrag and ghillie products for optimal concealment.

Explore some of our military ghillie suits and brushrag products below, or learn more about the composition and application of ghillie suits.

Ghillie suits, (sometimes misspelled as 'gilly suit'), are also referred to as 'yowie suits''. Military-grade ghillie suits are commonly constructed from a net or cloth garment, and are covered with loose strip of twine and cloth. Most ghillie suits for sale are often made to look like twigs, sticks, and leaves; however different ghillie suits are developed to suit environments, such as the snow ghillie suit or the desert ghillie suit.

In essence, military-grade ghillie suits enable the user to blend into their surroundings and conceal themselves, as the ghillie suit provides a three dimensional camouflage profile, rather than a flat/linear one. At Military Uniform Supply, we offer a spectrum of 5-piece military ghillie suits for sale in many styles and for various environments.

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