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Uncovering the Design of the Top U.S. Military Uniforms

Each branch of the U.S. Armed forces uses its own particular military uniforms and standard regulations for uniform wear. The design and use of each U.S. Military uniform has been evolved over years of experimentation, trail and error, and technology.

Your Trusted Source for Army MultiCam Uniforms & Combat Gear

As part of the wide roster of military uniforms here at Military Uniform Supply, the MultiCam uniform is one of the most popular. Currently, the MultiCam uniform is the official combat uniform for U.S. Army forces in Afghanistan and throughout the middle east. There is even news that Army officials are planning to suggest that the MultiCam should be used as the official camouflage pattern for all soldiers of the U.S. Army. As a result, the demand for this innovative camouflage uniform may further hieghten.

Shop Union & Confederate Civil War Uniforms, Clothing, and More at MUS

If you're looking for Union or Confederate Civil War uniforms for sale, Military Uniform Supply offers one of the greatest selections of reproduction Civil War clothing, authentic uniforms, accessories, gear and more. 

Closeout Sale on the M-65 ACU Field Jacket by Propper™

Once the primary field jacket for the U.S. Army Combat Uniform (ACU), Propper's M-65 field jacket offers optimal features functionality in the field. However now, this ACU jacket is being discountinued, and as a result, we're offering sale pricing on the M-65 field jacket in ACU camouflage. 

Discover the Utility, Performance, & Protection of T.R.U. Combat Shirts from Tru Spec®

Well-suited for Army units, Air Force pilots, and tactical teams, T.R.U. Combat Shirts from Tru Spec® provide exceptional utility, performance, and protection for many different uses. T.R.U. (or "Tactical Response Uniform") Combat Shirts have become a key element for success on today's diverse battle fields. 
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