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Army Combat Uniform Jacket - Govt Spec FQ/PD 04-04A

Manufactured by: Propper



Army Combat Uniform (ACU)Shirt/Jacket

NEW, EXPANDED SIZE AVAILABILITY including Extra Short & Extra Long Lengths Now Available!

Army Combat Uniform VAT Dyed 50/50 Nylon Cotton Ripstop Shirt/Jacket
  • Authentic Govt Specifications FQ/PD 04-04A with NIR Technology
  • Hook & Loop Faced Shoulder Pockets for Unit Patches and Skill Tabs
  • Zippered and Hook & Loop Front Closure for a Smooth Uniform Appearance
  • Slanted Pockets with Hook & Loop Closure for Easy Access While Wearning Vest.
  • Hook & Loop Fastener for Name Tags
  • Permanent Press, Wrinkle Resistant CL-8
  • Mandarin Collar Can Be Worn Up or Down. Collar Can be Worn Up to Protect Neck and Keep Out Debris.
  • NOTE: No Glint Tape per DOD Request

PLEASE NOTE: The picture shows additional uniform items for illustration purposes only. Please order your name tapes, U.S. ARMY tapes, ACU rank, ACU unit patches, U.S. Flag Patch, etc., separately.

All of these items are available on our website, see RELATED ITEMS OF INTEREST for this product.

  QTY SKU Chest Height Size PRICE  
ACU-JKT:011_XS/XS #ACU-JKT 29-33 59-63 X-Small/X-Short See Below
ACU-JKT:012_XS/S #ACU-JKT 29-33 63-67 XSmall/Short See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:013_XS/R #ACU-JKT 29-33 67-71 XSmall/Reg See Below
ACU-JKT:014_XS/L #ACU-JKT 29-33 71-75 XSmall/Long See Below
ACU-JKT:015_XS/XL #ACU-JKT 29-33 75-79 XSmall/XLong See Below
ACU-JKT:021_S/XS #ACU-JKT 33-37 59-63 Small/XShort See Below
ACU-JKT:022_S/S #ACU-JKT 33-37 63-67 Small/Short See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:023_S/R #ACU-JKT 33-37 67-71 Small/Reg See Below
ACU-JKT:024_S/L #ACU-JKT 33-37 71-75 Small/Long See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:025_S/XL #ACU-JKT 33-37 75-79 Small/XLong See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:031_M/XS #ACU-JKT 37-41 59-63 Med/XShort See Below
ACU-JKT:032_M/S #ACU-JKT 37-41 63-67 Med/Short See Below
ACU-JKT:033_M/R #ACU-JKT 37-41 67-71 Med/Reg See Below
ACU-JKT:034_M/L #ACU-JKT 37-41 71-75 Med/Long See Below
ACU-JKT:035_M/XL 37-41 75-79 Medium/XLong See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:036_M/XXL 37-41 79-83 Medium/XXLong See Below
ACU-JKT:041_L/XS #ACU-JKT 41-45 59-63 Large/XShort See Below
ACU-JKT:042_L/S #ACU-JKT 41-45 63-67 Large/Short See Below
ACU-JKT:043_L/R #ACU-JKT 41-45 67-71 Large/Reg See Below
ACU-JKT:044_L/L #ACU-JKT 41-45 71-75 Large/Long See Below
ACU-JKT:045_L/XL #ACU-JKT 41-45 75-79 Large/XLong See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:046_L/XXL #ACU-JKT 41-45 79-83 Large/XXLong See Below
ACU-JKT:051_XL/XS #ACU-JKT 45-49 59-63 XL/XShort See Below
ACU-JKT:052_XL/S #ACU-JKT 45-49 63-67 XL/Short See Below
ACU-JKT:053_XL/R #ACU-JKT 45-49 67-71 XL/Reg See Below
ACU-JKT:054_XL/L #ACU-JKT 45-49 71-75 XL/Long See Below
ACU-JKT:055_XL/XL #ACU-JKT 45-49 75-79 XL/XLong See Below
ACU-JKT:056_XL/XXL #ACU-JKT 45-49 79-83 XL/XXLong See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:063_2X/R #ACU-JKT 49-53 67-71 2X/Reg See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:064_2XL/L #ACU-JKT 49-53 71-75 2X/Long See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:066_2XL/XXL #ACU-JKT 49-53 79-83 2XL/XXLong See Below
ACU-JKT:073_3X/R #ACU-JKT 53-57 67-71 3X/Reg See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:074_3XL/L #ACU-JKT 53-57 71-75 3X/Long See Below
N/A ACU-JKT:083_4XL/R #ACU-JKT 58-61 67-71 4X/Reg See Below
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