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Class A Uniform Beret Flash Army Class A Distinctive Unit Insignia - DUI Military Beret for Dress Uniform Army Class A DUI Distinctive Unit Insignia Army Enlisted Branch Gold Lapel Disc Class A Army Class A Unit Patch Full Color Dress Army Ribbons Army Medals Class A Uniform ASU Uniform Army Weapons Qualification Badge Army Service Stripes and Overseas Stripes Army Regimental Crest for Class A Uniform Army Chevrons for Dress Green Class A Uniform Army Name Plate for Class A ASU Uniform High Gloss Military Oxford Dress Shoes Army Metal Badges Dress Uniform Awards Army Metal Pin-on Rank for Class B Uniform Army Class A Shoulder Cord Class B Uniform Shoulder Epaulet

History of the Class A Uniform

The Army Class A Uniform is also known as Class A's, Army Dress Greens, or Green Service Uniform and was officially adopted in 1954. The unique shade of Green on the Class A Uniform helped provide a distinct difference from the other branches of service as well as civilian workers. The Green Dress Uniform has been worn by Enlisted Personnel and Officers of the U.S. Army.

However, the Class A Uniform is no longer being issued to Army Servicemen or women as of 2010 and is scheduled to be discontinued in 2014. The new Blue Army Service Uniform (ASU) is now being issued to soldiers and will be the new Army Dress Uniform. Several ROTC and JROTC Units also wear the Army Class A Uniform.

More ASU and Class A Uniform Accessories

Combat Service Identification Badge (CSIB)

The Combat Service Identification Badge or CSIB, is a silver or gold metal device that is worn on the right pocket of the Army Service Uniform (ASU).

This badge identifies combat service with a United States Army unit. This item is worn on the Army ASU Uniform, it is not worn on the Class A Uniform or the ACUs.

(Pictured to the left is the 18th Airborne Division CSIB)

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