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ACU (Army Combat Uniform)

The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is the current combat uniform worn by the United States Army. It is the successor to the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU) worn during the 1980s and 1990s. Learn more about the complete ACU by clicking here, or buy Complete ACU Packages.

The advancements applied to the standard ACU uniform of the U.S. Armed Forces provide amazing combat capabilities and performance. For instance the jacket of the Army Combat Uniform is implemented with recognition devices, such as the infrared (IR) tab. In addition, the ACU uniform incorporates Near Infrared (NIR) Signature Management Technology to help minimize the infrared silhouette picked-up by enemies. In most cases, permanent infrared squares are sewn to each shoulder of the ACU to help identify fellow soldiers when night vision is used. The use of multiple camouflage patterns, such as the BDU uniform, is now seldom seen. Over the course of the past six years, the ACU has been replacing other uniforms of the U.S. military. The advanced features and camouflage design of the ACU inform makes it one of the top choices for combat uniforms available.


ACU Item Quickfinder

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Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Items

The ACU (Army Combat Uniform) features a number of design changes, as well as a different camouflage pattern from its predecessor. The ACU uses a new military camouflage pattern called the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), which blends green, tan, and gray to work effectively in desert, woodland, and urban environments. The pattern design is based on research into Dual Texture (Dual-Tex) Camouflage conducted in the 1970s. The color scheme of the Army Combat Uniform is composed of a slate gray, desert sand and foliage green pixel pattern, which becomes darker or lighter depending on exposure to sunlight. The color black was omitted from the uniform, because it is not commonly found in nature. Pure black, when viewed through night vision goggles, appears excessively dark and creates an undesirable high-contrast image.

U.S. soldiers wearing the ACU have reported that the nylon cotton fabric does breathe better than the cotton Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCUs) and results in a cooler uniform in high temperature climates. The uniform features hook-and-loop fasteners on the pockets.

ACU Patrol Cap

The ACU patrol cap is a straight-sided, flat-topped soft cap, with a double thick bill and internal pocket, worn by military personnel in the field when a combat helmet is not required.

The foliage green or black micro fleece cap or a black knit cap is authorized in cold climates.

The name tape is worn on the back of the patrol cap. Sew-on rank is recommended but pin-on rank is authorized on the ACU Patrol Cap.

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ACU Patrol Cap Rank

ACU rank insignias are embroidered rank designation for Army Combat Uniforms.

ACU Rank Insignias for patrol caps are made from digitized fabric and can be sewn on to the patrol cap as well as fastened with hook type fasteners.

Sew-on rank is recommended but pin-on rank is authorized on the ACU Patrol Cap.

ACU Sand Color T-Shirt

In addition to providing exceptional comfort, our selection of sand color t-shirt for the ACU uniform comes in an assortment of styles, including long sleeve. Sand color T-shirts for Army Combat Uniforms are made from 100% cotton, or choose a moisture wicking ACU T-shirt fashioned from polyester for a more breathable feel.


ACU Name Tapes

ACU Name Tapes are embroidered with black letters for Army Combat Uniforms. Name tapes are made from digitized fabric and we offer many different styles, include both sew-on and hook-style fasteners.

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ACU Reverse Flag Patch

The ACU Reverse Flag Patch is worn on Army Combat Uniforms as well as several other combat uniforms. Depending on the environment, some choose to apply the full color in garrison, whereas some U.S. Army units utilize the foliage green reverse flag patch.

Black Metal Pin On Insignia

Explore a selection of black metal pin on insignias. We offer pin on insignias for a wide array of classes and divisions that wear the ACU uniform.

ACU Branch Tapes

ACU Branch Tapes come embroided with black letters for Army Combat Uniforms. This ACU branch tape is designed with digitized fabric and is available with or without a hook fastener.

Also, be sure to check out our Rank, Name Tape, and Branch Tape package special by clicking here.

ACU Unit Patches

Discover an enormous selection of ACU Army Unit Patches. Our inventory of ACU unit patches includes a variety of different divisions, including Armored, Aviation, Infantry, Cadet, Field Force, Ranger, National Guard, Calavry, Marine, Medical Brigade, Support Command, and many more. Each ACU Unit Patch comes with a hook fastener.

ACU Hook & Loop Rank

Choose from a vast collection of ACU Hook & Loop Rank Insignias for Army Combat Uniforms. ACU Rank Insignias are made from digitized fabric with hook & loop fastener. Whether the uniform is suited for a Private or a Sergeant, we have a wide variety of ACU Hook & Loop Rank insignias to select from.

ACU Jacket

Each ACU Jacket we stock meets U.S. Government specifications and is tailored for a wide range of conditions. The jacket for the ACU uniform utilizes a "hook-and-loop-backed" attachment to better secure items like rank insignias, shoulder patches and tabs, name tapes, as well as recognition emblems such as the American flag patch. We also stock ACU Jackets that are made with flame resistant materials.

ACU Pants

ACU pants include a vast range features and advanced utility. Each pair of ACU Pants offer hook & loop pouches for knee pad inserts, two thigh storage pockets and two calf storage pockets (one on each pant leg with a hook & loop closure). Additionally, the legs on ACU pants can be bloused. We also stock ACU pants that are designed with flame resistant materials.

ACU Helmet Cover

Transform your helmet into the authentic ACU camouflage pattern with an ACU Helmet Cover. We offer a Government issue, nylon/cotton ripstop ACU helmet cover which is designed for the standard Kevlar® helmet.





In addition, we also stock one-size-fits-all ACU Helmet Covers. This ACU helmet cover is tailored using polyester/cotton materials, and fits all standard Kevlar® helmets.

ACU Name Tapes, Branch Tapes,
and Rank Package Deal

One package consists of:

  • 3 ACU Name tapes
  • 2 ACU Branch tapes
  • 2 ACU Rank insignias
  • 1 ACU Rank insignia for patrolcap

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ACU Socks

We have a huge selection of socks for Army Combat Uniforms. From styles ranging from tube socks to cushion sole socks and colors contrasting from olive green to khaki, we offer an enormous inventory of ACU Socks.



ACU Blousing Garters

Complement your footwear purchase with blousing garters for your Army Combat Uniform. We offer three styles of reversible ACU Blousing Garters, including Woodland Camouflage, Olive Drab Black, and standard ACU Camouflage.

Also check out our inventory of Boot Blousers for Army Combat Uniforms.

ACU Boots

Army Combat Uniforms are worn with tan ACU Boots. Each pair of boots we stock for Army Combat Uniforms meet U.S. Government specifications (must be at least 8 inches in height, be crafted of tan cattle hide leather and tan rubber outsoles, and be without zippers or metal cleats.)

Replacement ACU
Hook & Loop Fastener Items

Find a wide assortment of replacement hook & loop fastener items for Army Combat Uniforms. We offer replacement items for hook & loop fastener ACU patches, ACU insignias, and much more.

Core Components of the ACU Uniform

That ACU, particular uniforms using the ACU digital camo pattern, are increasing in popularity and prevelance among various branches of the US Armed Forces. Below we briefly describe the core component of the ACU uniform to better your understanding about what ACU items are in high demand.

ACU Uniform Jacket

The ACU jacket utilizes hook-and-loop fasteners to attach uniform items and accessories such as name tapes, unit patches, rank insignias, and tabs. Recently, the Armed Forces started allowing more flexibility in how these components are attached to ACU uniform jackets. Now soldiers are permitted to sew on there patches and insignias, rather than using hook-and-loop fasteners. Also an interesting aspect about ACU uniform regulations is how the ACU is presented or wore amongst military units. Current regulations restrict ACU jackets from extending below the upper-most part of the cargo pocket and not higher than the lower-most part of the side pocket on the ACU.

ACU Uniform Pants

The pants for the ACU uniform (also referred to as ACU trousers) are supported with a military web belt. Genuine ACU pants offer inlets or pouches for knee pads and several pockets for amazing utility. Additionally, the pants legs on the ACU trousers are to be bloused to prevent them from extending past the third eyelet of the boots.

Both the standard issue jacket and pants for the ACU can offer flame resistant materials. These qualities are common in ACU's issued for use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

ACU Headgear

The ACU uniform can be worn with many different types of headgear, including the ACU boonie hat, patrol cap, or Advanced Combat Helmet. The patrol cap for the ACU uniform is straight-sided, flat-topped. It is recommended that soldiers and service personnel use a sew-on rank for ACU headgear, however the pin-on rank is permitted for use on the ACU boonie hat and patrol cap. 

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